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The weld-free Snap Ring Joint (SRJ) solves many of the problems commonly associated with welded and flanged joints in pipelines and process piping. It can be used in both new lay and established pipework, as a temporary or permanent solution.




The SRJ has completed a stringent test regime in order to gain Lloyds Register Type Approval for use in a variety of applications requiring high pressure fluid transmission in O&G, utilities, chemicals, processing and desalination. The connector is fully compliant with ASME B31.1 (2012), ASME B31.3 (2012), ASME B31.4 (2012), ASME B31.8 (2012), ASME B31.9 (2011) and IACS (2008).

Three sizes of connector were selected for testing: the SRJ 2 ½" SCH40 SN3, the SRJ 4" SCH40 SN3 and the SRJ 8" SCH40 SN3. The design pressure for each OD is 2603 psi, 1914 psi and 3967 psi respectively. This was to prove and agree a principal that can be applied to sizes in this range. Interpolation from 1 1/4" to 16" OD is allowed.

4 Fire Test

2.5 Combined Bend & Pressure Test

2.5 External Pressure Test

2.5 Load Pressure Test

2.5 Pull Out Test (1)

2.5 Pull Out Test (2)

2.5 Vibration (Fatigue) Test

4 Combined Bend & Pressure Test

4 External Pressure Test

4 Load Pressure Test

4 Pull Out Test (1)

4 Pull Out Test (2)

4 Vibration (Fatigue) Test

4 Repeated Assembly Test

8 Combined Bend & Pressure Test

8 External Pressure Test

8 Pull Out Test (1)

8 Pull Out Test (2)

8 Vibration (Fatigue) Test

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