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The weld-free Snap Ring Joint (SRJ) solves many of the problems commonly associated with welded and flanged joints in pipelines and process piping. It can be used in both new lay and established pipework, as a temporary or permanent solution.

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Latest News

SRJ joins FPAL

Snap Ring Joint Limited is now a fully registered FPAL supplier. It is presented to purchasers in Tier Level 2, categories 6 -15 which cover pipe fittings, flanges, welding etc.

Established in 1996, FPAL is a well-established B2B network linking suppliers to the UK, Dutch and Irish & Gas industry with over 80 purchasing members. Current and prospective suppliers describe their full range of products, services, capabilities and supply history. FPAL identifies, qualifies, evaluates and monitors suppliers and its purchasing members use the resulting information to produce short lists in line with the EU Utilities Procurement Directives.

FPAL is one of a range of supplier management services provided by the Achilles Group, with individual schemes for buyer and supplier communities across a diverse range of industry sectors throughout the world.

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