About SRJ

The SRJ mechanical pipe connector frees operators from welding scopes and the use of stud bolts, and features a low weight/volume ratio, yet offers strength and a reliable connection.

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About SRJ


Snap Ring Joint Limited is a Jersey-based, non-listed engineering company, built on a solid body of experience in fittings manufacture and problem-solving expertise. Its UK-based R&D team boasts over fifty years of experience in specialist fittings. Over the last four years, it has developed and tested a range of ground-breaking pipeline coupling technologies. The global market for pipeline connections is enormous and covers many industry sectors, notably oil and gas (upstream and downstream), shipping, water (including desalination), power generation (including nuclear), chemical, mining and agriculture. The company holds an exclusive licence to the design of the Snap Ring Joint (SRJ), a revolutionary pipeline coupling system, and the intellectual property (IP) now extends to 25 patents granted in 21 countries worldwide. The SRJ has achieved Lloyds Register and ABS Type Approval for hydrocarbons service.

Pipes and hoses are manufactured in a range of materials and are available in an almost infinite number of sizes. The SRJ is suitable for a wide variety of applications and for virtually all industries that use pipe connections.

It is compatible with all existing pipe work and provides a cost effective, safe, reliable and strong weld-free connection for the entire pipe diameter spectrum.

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